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United Avia is a specialist recruitment provider to sectors of aviation business. Newly established but with over 20 years of experience in Aviation recruitment and airport operations.

Airside Security Policy

The Security checks that United Avia offer to their clients are rigid, thorough, and are in certain areas beyond the current requirements of DFT. This helps to further ensure that the security of the restricted zone remains restricted to any potential threats. All people placed through United Avia are presented with the following documentation and minimum five years fully documented checked and verified history, prior to any duties undertaken.

       CRC Criminal Record Check

       GSAT General Security Awareness Training

       CTC Counter Terrorist Check ( Where needed in first line security and secure clean)

Airside Referencing Procedures

The reference team is trained to thoroughly examine all the information provided by the applicants and quiz them to ensure the information is correct prior to starting the reference process.

By doing this at the beginning ensures they know exactly what information will be required so no hidden gaps of employment or other historical data delay the completion of obtaining a seamless five year history.

The United Avia referencing teams will obtain all of the persons five years history on that clients headed paperwork. This will be addressed to the Authorising Officer of that client for processing with the airport ID centre.

Eligibility to work and Identification

This is a vital legal stage in the recruitment process and United Avia take it so seriously that the checks required are incorporated into our system. The system requires checks on proof of identification and will only expect either a valid passport or a birth certificate backed up with another form of photo identification such as a full driving license. A parallel process is in place for checking the eligibility to work, and the system will only accept the correct documentation from the applicant’s country of origin.

Aviation Regulatory and monitory Bodies

As a specialist recruiter in the aviation environment, understanding and adhering to current aviation law and future changes in law are mandatory. Any new recommendations that should be adopted to embrace safer and compliant working are also monitored and introduced where applicable. United Avia compliance is stipulated by the Department for Transport (DFT) and we monitor all announcements from TRANSEC.

United Avia can manage the whole process from advert placement, telephone pre-selection, interview arrangements, final selection and of course referencing to the relevant airport and clients standard. Don't waste your precious time sorting through a deluge of CV's in response to an advertisement or arranging first interviews with people who may or may not show up, who may or may not be suitable for the position.

United Avia offers an individual tailored service to all its clients with competitive, flexible pricing and fully referenced candidates. If you require staff for any job function ranging from customer service agents to cleaners to drivers to receptionists to warehouse staff, let United Avia know your requirements and we will meet your needs.

Our service includes:

       Collating applicant referencing details.

       Liaising with candidates to ensure information given is correct and complete.

       Obtaining correct contact for each reference.

       Creating rapport with referees to ensure prompt return.

       Sending reference letters to referees to cover the last five years of the applicant’s          history (including employment, education, travelling, unemployment/gap periods etc.),          translated into a variety of languages.

       Rigorous chasing of references via post, fax, email and telephone. Reply paid return          envelopes provided to ensure prompt return.

       Verifying returned references, checking returned reference dates to ensure five year          period is fully covered.

       Resolving issues causing hold-ups with both applicants and referees.

       Providing regular verbal and written updates (tracking and summary sheets) to clients          confirming reference progress.

       Quality, detailed checking of completed reference packs, returning completed packs to          client.